Our future

We’re constantly looking ahead to see how we can best serve our neighbors. Find out what’s in the future for envida and how you can help.


A new brand for new efforts

At the end of 2017, we began a rebrand and renaming project with local design agency, Design Rangers. While the Amblicab name served us well, we felt it was time to develop a name that supported our desire to grow and expand our services. The word envida, rooted in Latin, translates to mean “together in life.”

We believe that life is lived most vibrantly when we come together as a community. 


Our partnerships

We are a part of a strong network of transportation and healthcare providers as well as business and community organizations throughout Colorado, including the following:

We support a vibrant life at every age and stage

At envida, we believe that everyone deserves to live a vibrant life. We support independence for older adults, low-income individuals, and those with disabilities—providing affordable transportation and in-home support services.


The funders who support us

As a nonprofit, we are proud to work closely with numerous local, state, and federal agencies for funding our programs and initiatives.

our plan

Three key areas of focus

Provide cost-effective alternatives to assisted living

Because of the growing need for alternatives to skilled nursing facilities, envida is responding with affordable solutions that help keep our neighbors at home.

Introduce new technology to support an older audience

As one of the first transportation organizations to implement this technology, we’re paving the way to make it easier for our clients to schedule rides. 

Eliminate transportation as one of the top barriers to health care

For older adults, low-income and those needing behavioral health treatment – transportation can often prevent them from receiving health care.

Support our mission

Whether it’s as a donor, volunteer or partner, you can support envida’s vision for everyone in our community to live vibrantly. Reach out to our Development Team at [email protected] or 719.425.2202 to help make our vision for this community into a reality.