2020 Transportation Satisfaction Survey--Abstract

Envida’s 2020 Transportation Satisfaction Survey was conducted from May 27 to June 8, 2020, to help the organization gain a better idea of how satisfied our riders are with our transportation services. The results from this survey will help Envida assess what changes needs to be made to improve the quality of services provided.

Overall, the results of the survey stated most of the participants were pleased with the quality of service they had been experiencing. For this survey we received a rating of 5.78 out of 7 stars. Other questions showed that most of the participants preferred Envida as a transportation option, and they believed the service helped them support their physical health, their mental health, and even feeling more financially secure.

The three main categories that created the most positive feedback about Envida’s service were the drivers, the type of services Envida is providing (e.g. specialized transportation, medical transportation, etc.), and the schedulers. The two main categories that created frustration with Envida’s services were ride scheduling and the number of buses available.

In conclusion, Envida’s drivers and administrative staff work hard to make sure they are providing the best services possible to all clients who enter their vehicles each and every day. As Envida continues to expand, more vehicles will be deployed to increase the number of people who can be helped.