Specialized transit

Our drivers do more than drive. Whether you are an older adult, have a disability, or face financial challenges, you can depend on envida drivers to be with you every step of the way. They can assist you inside your home and help you to your appointment or activity. Learn more about our “reasonable accommodations” here.

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Rural routes

envida now connects Colorado Springs to several locations in eastern El Paso County. Check out our public route, schedule and fare for more info.

Who said rides were only for doctor appointments?

Our reliable, friendly drivers will drive you to the people and places that matter most. Here are just a few of the things we help people get out and do:

  • Volunteer activities and work
  • Adult day programs
  • Education classes
  • Recreation
  • Group events
  • Medical appointments

Ride schedule

Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM through 5:30 PM

First pick up is at 7:00 AM. Last pick up is at 4:30 PM.

Limited service available on Saturdays. 

Our drivers, your friends

I work at envida because I get to make a positive impact. I change lives, and I feel rewarded. I believe in what I do. Some of my riders treat me like family, and I treat them the way I treat my own family.

Tim - Envida driver for 30 years
picking you up

Am I in envida's service pick-up area?

View our service map to see if your home or activity is within our pick-up area. If it’s not, give us a call at 719.633.4677. We may still be able to help!


How to schedule your first ride

See if you qualify

The first step is to fill out our eligibility form. This will help us determine your eligibility and service area.

We'll call you

We will give you a call and let you know if you are eligible to ride with us. If you are not eligible, we will help you find alternative transportation services. If you are eligible, we will provide you with your envida ID number.

Schedule your first ride

Call ONE RIDE (719.663.7433) or call us direct at 719.633.4677.
– OR –
Download the Amble App from the App Store or Google Play and select envida.


Frequently asked questions

Do I qualify to ride with envida?​

Riders must qualify as older adults through Medicaid, be eligible for reimbursable rides through Medicaid or be certified disabled through Metro Mobility. We do not accept Medicare or private pay at this time.

Will you come to Black Forest? To Falcon?​

If you are requesting non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) through Medicaid, we may be able to extend our service area to help. Call us at 719.633.4677.

How much does a ride cost?

For city-funded rides, we charge $3.50. Most other rides have no charge; however, we do accept donations.

Depending on your eligibility, we will help you find other transportation through ONE RIDE the City of Colorado Springs’ one-stop solution for your transportation needs. You can reach them at 719-663-7433.

What does it mean to provide "Reasonable Accommodations?"

  • We position the bus for loading and unloading where there are no obstructions, construction, or excessive grades or slopes.
  • We allow passengers with medical conditions to eat on the transit bus.
  • We assist all passengers in extreme weather conditions.
  • We respond to all reasonable requests.
    We assist all passengers, as needed.

Contact Us

Have a question that we haven’t answered or want to talk to us about your specific situation? Call us at 719.633.4677 or fill out the form below. 


Homecare and transportation with envida

We are dedicated to helping you live the independent, vibrant life you deserve. In addition to transportation, we help clients remain where they are most comfortable – home.