Are you or a loved one looking at additional care? Take our assessment, set your own independence goals, or check out other resources and links here to help.


Need Assessment

How do you, a family member, or someone you know recognize if caregiving services are needed in your home? Take the following assessment by answering “yes” or “no” to determine how much care may be needed.

  • Dress and undress without help
  • Drive or use public transportation
  • Able to access and exit home alone
  • Shop for groceries or clothing independently
  • Prepare healthy meals daily
  • Take a shower or bath safely
  • Get in or out of bed without aid
  • Live alone comfortably and confidently
  • Pay bills and manage finances
  • Clean house or apartment
  • Manage household duties
  • Active and interested in life and hobbies
  • Get around the house easily including stairs, if needed
  • Care about own personal health, hygiene and well-being
  • Manage own medications
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Not at risk of falls
  • Manage own wound care, colostomy, insulin injection, or other regular medical needs
  • Good cognitive and memory skills (no dementia or Alzheimer's)

If you answered “NO” to three or more of the questions above, think carefully about the risks to you or those you love, and reach out to us for additional, compassionate support.

Envida homecare

Independence goals worksheet

Create an internal conversation about what is most important to you as you age using our downloadable worksheet. This process helps you remain in control as you focus on the future. Learn more about our homecare services.

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