Your homecare for living fully

At envida, we know staying in your own home is vital to your health and happiness. Our friendly, reliable staff will support you in your everyday activities – from bathing and dressing to moving around your home. Transportation is also available, so you can continue to volunteer, take classes in the community, keep medical appointments, and live a vibrant life. 


Is this your cup of tea?

With us, you always have only two points of contact – your caregiver and a member of our office staff. Even better, family caregivers make up 90% of our employees. That means you can receive care from a family member or close friend. All of our homecare attendants are bonded and insured. 


Everyday support


A delicious meal shouldn't go to waste! We'll help you receive the nutritious food you need to support your vibrant life.


You can trust us to assist you into the bath or shower with dignity and respect. We're here to assist you from start to finish.


Simple tasks like getting dressed can become challenging as we age. Our trained, friendly staff will help you look and feel your best.

Moving Around

Moving from room to room, reaching that top shelf, letting the dog out. We are here to support you in maintaining your lifestyle.


We will be with you to make sure you "wake up on the right side of the bed" and end the day feeling comfortable and content.


Whether it's a friendly caregiver or your family member who is employed by envida, your dignity and respect come first.


Why I work for envida homecare

“Office staff always very friendly and helpful. Questions and concerns are addressed quickly.”

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Frequently asked questions

Can I be a caregiver?

We hire mainly family caregivers. Our program allows anybody to assume the role of caregiver without a CNA license – so that your family members can be cared for by someone you trust. 

How much can I make as a caregiver?

We offer competitive pay for the services we provide. We also offer 401K benefits and healthcare insurance for those who qualify. To learn more, call us at 719.301.6870.

Where does envida provide services?

We serve the counties of El Paso, Teller, Park, Pueblo, Crowley, Otero, and Fremont.

Contact Us

Have a question that we haven’t answered or want to talk to us about your specific situation? Contact us and we can help you through the process. 


Pair rides with your homecare

At envida, we’re expanding our services to support your desire to live a vibrant life. That’s why we offer both in-home care along with rides to and from the places you need to go.