2022 Financials

Our people are our biggest investment. Their dedication to mission and the people we serve are at the heart of our transportation and homecare.

2022 Revenue

Where does the money come from? A combination of program services, grant funding, and more.

2022 Expenses

Where does the money go? Our people are the care behind envidacares. 

2021 Financials

  • Home & Community Based Services 3,182,306
  • Transit Contracts 843,430
  • Grants 639,029
  • Contributions 25,660
  • Ride Fares 2,875
  • Other Revenue 56,801
  • Total 4,750,101
  • Personnel 3,828,952
  • Professional Fees 54,570
  • Occupancy/Office/Program Expenses 337,574
  • Insurance 119,103
  • Vehicle Maintenance/Fuel 235,815
  • Depreciation 227,790
  • Total 4,803,804

2022 Financials

  • Home & Community Based Services 3,668,526
  • Transit Contracts 1,785,972
  • Grants 547,351
  • Contributions 21,358
  • Ride Fares n/a
  • Other Revenue -33,409
  • Total 5,989,798
  • Personnel 5,253,008
  • Professional Fees 255,762
  • Occupancy/Office/Program Expenses 283,996
  • Insurance 139,161
  • Vehicle Maintenance/Fuel 560,478
  • Depreciation 346,007
  • Total 6,838,412

Annual Report

The numbers tell part of the story, and there’s a lot more story to tell. Discover what’s happening with envida’s role as a thought leader with its rural and next generation transit and efforts to integrate healthcare and transit. 

SAFE TO RIDE: A letter from our Executive Director

The COVID-19 virus has impacted everyone. Here at envida, we have remained open as an essential transportation and homecare business, supporting our governor’s “stay at home” order and now “safer at home.” As restrictions begin to lift, we are taking every precaution to ensure our clients and riders are safe. Most importantly, we want to communicate to our riders that it is SAFE to RIDE.

Our drivers wear gloves and masks, and we request that riders have masks or scarves. We have installed antimicrobial film on interior bus surfaces that require a high degree of hygiene. We disinfect vehicles after each rider, and we will open windows for fresh air, weather permitting. We have expanded service hours to meet riders’ needs: We are open from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. Our rural routes along U.S. Highway 24 and S.H. 94 have re-opened; the Calhan route operates Monday through Thursday, and the Ellicott/Yoder route operates Wednesdays and Fridays. We have also begun serving Teller County to help those with medical and behavioral health needs access healthcare providers in Colorado Springs.

For information about our transportation services, questions, or updates, please visit our transportation pages at www.envidacares.org or call our transit line at 719-633-4677.

Additionally, for our home care clients, we offer telehealth visits and our homecare attendants have been well versed on how to keep themselves and clients safe. For more information on telehealth visits, please call 719-301-6870.

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and will continue to take actions necessary to keep our clients, riders, staff and community safe and healthy. Any further updates will be posted here or you can call us at 719-633-4601. envida cares.