Ranchland News – Envida offering rides to vaccination sites

The Community Outreach Coalition held a virtual meeting on Feb. 17 to talk about what is being done to help the communities in Eastern El Paso County. A major concern is to make it possible for those in the eastern part of the County to get vaccinations against COVID19. Dave Somers of Envida said that the non-profit’s shuttle service is setting up a transit hotline for anyone who needs transportation to a vaccine site, and that would be for ANY location. The number to call is 719-600-2221. The number is now operational.

Somers added, “If someone needs transportation, we need to know where and when so we can schedule it. We can try to take same day if there is availability, but we are not a taxi where they can wait until the last minute to call.” Somers recommended that people give Envida at least 24-hour notice. In addition, Envida shuttle busses are working on both the Highway 24 and Highway 94 corridor and they make stops at the medical center area in northeast Colorado Springs. PPACG and United Way funds are helping with the costs.

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