Rural Routes


Transportation where you need it most

envida offers public transportation linking eastern El Paso County to locations in Northern Colorado Springs and Mountain Metro’s transit hub in Briargate.

Who said rides were only for doctor appointments?

Our reliable, friendly drivers will drive you to the people and places that matter most. Here are just a few of the things we help people get out and do:

  • Volunteer activities and work
  • Adult day programs
  • Education classes
  • Recreation
  • Group events
  • Medical appointments

Ride Schedule & Fare

Schedule runs Tuesdays and Thursdays. Cost: $5 one way (must have exact change or use HopThru App). Please note that envida will deviate from the fixed route upon request, for an additional dollar. Please call in advance.


STOP 1:  Calhan Community Outreach Center
7:05 AM or 12:40 PM

STOP 2:  U.S. Post Office – Calhan
7:10 AM or 12:45 PM

STOP 3:  U.S. Post Office – Peyton
7:22 AM or 12:57 PM

STOP 4:  Walmart – Falcon
7:38 AM or 1:13 PM

STOP 5:  St. Francis Medical Center – C.S.
7:52 AM or 1:27 PM

STOP 6:  UC Memorial Hospital North – C.S.
8:08 AM or 1:43 PM

STOP 7:  Mountain Metro Transit Hub North – C.S.
8:17 AM or 1:52 PM


STOP 1:  Mountain Metro Transit Hub North – C.S.
10:53 AM or 3:38 PM

STOP 2:  UC Memorial Hospital North – C.S.
11:05 AM or 3:50 PM

STOP 3:  St. Francis Medical Center – C.S.
11:21 AM or 4:06 PM

STOP 4:  Walmart – Falcon
11:35 AM or 4:20 PM

STOP 5:  U.S. Post Office – Peyton
11:50 AM or 4:35 PM

STOP 6:  U.S. Post Office – Calhan
12:02 PM or 4:47 PM

STOP 7:  Calhan Community Outreach Center
12:05 PM or 4:50 PM

picking you up

envida's rural bus route

View our service map to see if your home or activity is within our pick-up area. If it’s not, give us a call at 719.633.4677. We may still be able to help!

Coming Soon

Coming this fall, envida will be launching HopThru, a new payment app for riders to pay ahead of time. And look for us on Google Transit.


Frequently asked questions

How do I connect with Colorado Springs transit?

Call ONE RIDE (719-663-7433) or log on to Mountain Metro Transit to learn about routes, times and fares.

How do I connect with envida's specialized transit?

To determine if you are eligible for door-to-door ride service within Colorado Springs, click here.

More questions? Call 719.633.4677

Homecare and transportation with envida

We are dedicated to helping you live the independent, vibrant life you deserve. In addition to transportation, we help clients remain where they are most comfortable – home.